Bike Overnights?

What exactly is a “bike overnight”? It’s a short bike tour where you start riding on one day, stop and stay the night somewhere, and then ride back the following day (or the day after that). (Bike overnights are also known as "S24Os" or "sub 24-hour overnight" -- coined by Grant Petersen of Rivendell Bicycle Works.)

Bike overnights can be camping trips, or they can be getaways to a local inn, hostel, or B&B. For those of us who love to bike tour, but don’t always have the time or money, bike overnights are a great option. For riders interested in touring but inexperienced or concerned about what touring requires, bike overnights provide an easy way to test the waters before heading out on an extended adventure.

Bike overnights are different from longer tours in several important ways. Overnights are easy to do from your front door or a nearby transit stop. If you have a technical problem, (or the weather is lousy) at least you can get back home in a jiffy and learn from your mistake. Overnights can be done inexpensively (heck, just for the cost of the food you take). Overnights are also easy to do with friends and family –- you can try a bike trip with different riding companions as a bridge to future, longer adventures!

This site is meant to provide inspiration and resources to help you get out and enjoy short bike adventures.

Top 10 Reasons to Go Overnight

Doesn’t take a lot of prep time

Fun for all ages

Good intro to bike touring (Some say it's the "gateway drug!")

Nice way to spend the weekend

Can be done on a limited budget

Can be done on almost any kind of bike

Great way to get exercise

Extends the pleasure of your commute

Good practice for longer tours (If you forget something big, you’re not out for long!)

Friends you invite along can't say they don't have the time