Contact the bicycle/pedestrian coordinator for your state and ask him or her about state bicycle maps.

The Adventure Cycling Route Network features more than 40,000 miles of cycling routes throughout North America. While many of their routes are long-distance oriented, Adventure Cycling's maps come in approximately bn 350-mile sections and can be used for shorter excursions. Download an overview map (pdf format).

Bike Camping at Stub Stewart State Park (Oregon) with Kids, found on Clever Cycles
This is something many Portland families can enjoy, so here’s the story.

Bike Camping in the Bay Area by Matthew Hoover, San Francisco Chronicle, Februrary 25, 2010
Camping out on a two-wheeler? It's easier and more rewarding than you think.

Bicycling to Mount Rainier and the Road to Ipsut Creek by Gene Bisbee on BikingBis, August 8, 2010

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