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Hobble Creek—Diamond Fork Canyon, Utah

In preparation for a six-day, 300-plus mile bike tour, I decided to load up my bike and go for a two-day shakedown ride. I wanted to make sure everything worked well with my new bike, new panniers, handlebar bag, etc. Though I had put about 500 miles on the bike I had never ridden it loaded.

Ride Around the Silver Island Mountains

This small but mighty mountain range borders the Bonneville Salt Flats, with its famed raceway. Rising steeply out of the salt flats, the Silver Island Mountains' highest peak is over 7,500 feet high. These craggy mountains exhibit many interesting types of rock formations, which we would know more about if we were geologists instead of mountain bikers. But we were there to ride.

Ogden to Provo, Utah: Car, Bus, Train, and Bikes!

Antsy to get out and tour one last time before the snow flew, we were looking for someplace within reasonable driving distance of home in Denver with dry weather and plenty of amenities. When Pete first suggested Utah, I was skeptical, thinking it was all about mountain biking. Sure looks that way when you Google "bicycling and Utah." But after some map-studying and conversations with bike/ped coordinators, we settled on the Salt Lake Valley, from Ogden to Provo.

6 Bike Overnights from Salt Lake City

I have done several overnight bike trips out of Salt Lake City during the past six years. One is relatively short; the other five range from 43 to 53 miles in length. There is quite a bit of climbing to do on the longer rides, a challenge that inhibits many from doing overnight bike tours from Salt Lake. Even the short tour, at 11 miles, requires a modest amount of climbing. Each of the tours that I am describing starts from the base of Emigration Canyon at the northeast corner of Hogle Zoo. Photo this page only by Don Vincent.