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Metroplex to Mineral Wells, Texas

The Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex is the last place you’d think of for bike-camping but when you look around and see the over-worked, over-stressed city slickers running around in their Suburban’s...well, it might just be the perfect place!

Texas Mountain Ride!

The mountains in Far West Texas are a surprise to most people, and they provide easy climbs and thrilling descents through charming small communities with real cowboys and ranchers. We’ve got a great three-day ride through unspoiled mountain scenery, in the historic path of Comanche and Buffalo Soldiers and modern hipsters, on smooth roads with no traffic. Sound good?

Pink Primrose & Texas Heroes -- overnight bicycle tour to Seguin, Texas

“We shall never surrender or retreat.”

That was part of the famous message Juan Seguin took with him when he was ordered by Colonel William B. Travis to leave the Alamo to seek reinforcements. When Juan Seguin returned, the Alamo and its defenders had fallen.

My destination, Seguin, TX –- named after Juan Seguin in honor of his many contributions to the state -- lies about 30 miles east of my home in San Antonio.