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Vacation Within a Vacation: Death Valley Bike Overnight

Bike overnights are usually a way to escape the routine of home and work for a couple of days, squeezing a fun mini-vacation into an otherwise normal week. While my family has taken many such mini-vacations, we’ve found yet another good time for bike overnights -- when we’re already on vacation. You, too, can make that weeklong vacation more interesting, by throwing in a bike overnight.

Little Elbow to Mount Romulus -- A Girl's Adventure with Grammy

When I think back to the things I did with my grandmother, my memories are of baking cookies, playing cards, or listening to her read the Grimm Brothers' fairy tales. My grandchildren, I think, will have much different recollections of their time spent with me.

Four Days with an Almost 4-Year-Old

As a family, we had participated in a few organized day-ride events for charity. The kind where there are cookie and fruit breaks every 10 miles or so. Could our family of three transition from a SAG-supported, group atmosphere to a multi-day, self-supported bike overnight? Our son Clayton was a month shy of four years old. He loves his Weehoo bike trailer and the adventure of riding and seeing new things. From the beginning, we suspected he was up for the challenge; however, were we as his parents ready?

Our First Ever Family Weekend of Wonderfulness

On this, our first ever Weekend of Wonderfulness, we rode up to Beal's Point on Folsom Lake, about 30 miles from Sacramento. It was the first time bike camping with our little ones. Amazing! It's great to know that there are adventures so close to home. Really, picture a nearby campground. You probably wouldn't ever think to camp there as, let's face it, your own bed is much more comfortable. However, getting there by bike with all your gear strapped to the back -- that's wonderfully worthwhile.

A Teen and Her Mum Pedal to Pigeon Lake, Alberta

My first overnight bike trip was not what I expected, although I'm not sure what I had imagined in the first place. The idea began when I told my mum about some dreams of someday spending a whole week living off my bike. After hearing that she was definitely excited, and she suggested we try an overnight trip before thinking about something longer. With that it began.

Travel Tip: A Kid's First Overnight

I wanted my nine-year-old son to enjoy our trip, and enjoy the ride, but not have it be so tough that we “mis-educate” him. In other words, ruin him for life on the thing we love most, touring on the bike. Our family cannot be described as sedentary, nor are we over-the-top workout fanatics (anymore). Well, maybe we are, but we’ve cut back a lot. We jokingly refer to our family, by the name of our favorite bull on the PBR circuit, “House of Pain.” But, that needs to stay a joke ... well, most of the time.

Hood Canal Loop: A Teen's First Tour

This is a really nice loop from Seattle that we did in August 2010. I broke it into two pieces for my 16-year-old daughter's first taste of touring. The route is about 145 miles. We rode downtown from the Gas Works Park area, ferried to Bainbridge Island, went north around the Hood Canal, down U.S. 101, and back up to Bremerton before ferrying back to Seattle. I'll leave the rest of the write-up to her; she did a nice account for a school project and has a route map, packing list, and description of each day. I've done a cross-country and a few other tours ranging from two nights to two weeks. I discovered the S24O concept, and loosely interpreting the concept I love the permission it gives you to just do something without being hung up on The Big Tour. I was SUPER psyched to turn my daughter on to touring. (Subsequent to this ride, Alex and I rode from Seattle to Missoula in 2011.)