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Christmas Eve Campout at Steep Ravine Hot Springs

No tinsel or collapsible trees for us! This Christmas Eve, friends and I dispensed with the holiday trappings and went camping instead. We were a motley crew -- mountain bikes, minibikes, trailers, an Xtracycle carrying baguettes, and myself on the racy Cannondale tandem with my stoker Marc. We rode across the Golden Gate and stopped for a quick lunch in Mill Valley. There we picked up a twelfth rider -- vegan Violet and her four-month-old puppy, Chicharro. Violet was was taking her first bike tour with the pup in a backpack.

Our First Ever Family Weekend of Wonderfulness

On this, our first ever Weekend of Wonderfulness, we rode up to Beal's Point on Folsom Lake, about 30 miles from Sacramento. It was the first time bike camping with our little ones. Amazing! It's great to know that there are adventures so close to home. Really, picture a nearby campground. You probably wouldn't ever think to camp there as, let's face it, your own bed is much more comfortable. However, getting there by bike with all your gear strapped to the back -- that's wonderfully worthwhile.

San Francisco to Point Reyes National Seashore

Bring up San Francisco and undoubtedly someone will mention the gloom, the grey, the horrible weather. The thought of the cold, the wind, and the constant threat of rain -- like a storied San Francisco fog bank -- seems to engulf the spirit of many travelers, dampening their vacation dreams. But for whatever reason, I have had the remarkable luck of never seeing this side of the City by the Bay on my outings. I’ve been turned lobster red sitting in the bleachers at Candlestick Park; strolled down the Embarcadero under clear-blue skies; enjoyed sun-splashed picnics on the lawn in front of the city hall. While I will never mistake San Francisco for a tropical paradise, the weather has never cast its evil spell on any of my adventures there. I hoped it would be no different this time. 

Bikepacking on Santa Catalina Island

I hadn’t been to Santa Catalina Island since I was young. So when Bruce asked if I’d join him for an overnighter there, I jumped at the chance. I needed to try out my bikepacking setup, and this was a perfect chance.

A Central Coast Foodie Bike Overnight

“You can’t camp here,” they said, looking at our bike-camping bivouac in the middle of the military base. The two police officers from Fort Hunter Liggett--50 miles north of Paso Robles in the rural foothills of the Santa Lucia Range--were ruining my thoughts of a restful sleep tucked in the tent with my sweetie.

Video: Santa Barbara to Los Angeles

America ByCycle chronicles their recent bike overnight adventure from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles: 2 days, 100 miles, no problem.

Tahoe on My Mind

Riding around Lake Tahoe had been on my mind during previous visits to that area of California, but I never quite found the right time. Determined not to miss another opportunity when I was going to be there, I flew in for a writing retreat a couple of days early, hoping for some mid-October sun rather than snow or chilly rain.