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San Francisco to Point Reyes Sky Camp

Last March I was the event host for a trip from San Francisco to Point Reyes with the NorCal Bicycle Touring and Camping Meetup. We ended up getting six people together for the trip, all from San Francisco and Berkeley, except for one coming in from Sacramento. I had picked up a camping permit for Sky Camp at Recreation.gov about two months earlier. March is still the rainy season in San Francisco , so we felt lucky to have a weekend of sunny weather predicted.

Thanksgiving on the San Francisco Riviera

When my husband Dick and I bought our touring bikes last year, we didn't really have a plan. I suspected we'd set out for credit-card type tours, and we still may. But so far, our overnight bike trips don't fit any of the models listed above. I call them "bicycle getaways," two- to four-day trips, more urban than many touring trips. We utilize transit to increase our travel ranges, and overnight in luxury accommodations. Ideally, a hotel with fuzzy robes in the rooms and great restaurants nearby.

Strawberry Moon

On one particularly warm and sunny Oakland morning, we gathered up a group of six friends and to strike off across the Golden Gate Bridge toward Bolinas. We met at Awaken Cafe in downtown Oakland to fuel up our caffeine-powered pedaling machines, and hopped aboard BART for San Francisco. We disembarked at Embarcadero Station, and navigated through hordes of rather confused-looking Giants fans off to a Saturday baseball game before finally getting on the road and heading toward the Golden Gate Bridge.

Angeles Forest/Inspiration Point

This bike camping adventure took place along the route of the Mount Lowe Railway, which ran from 1893 to 1936. It served a resort area on Echo Mountain; one could take the railroad to various lodges in the mountains. If you like climbing hills and mountains for five hours on a dirt road with an extra added weight of 30 pounds, then this is the adventure for you.

The Road to Pescadero

A couple of weeks ago my friend Auston and I went for a bike ride down the coast. We left the city with no particular destination in mind. The plan was to head south on Highway 1, ride all day, and get a lot of sun.


Vacation Within a Vacation: Death Valley Bike Overnight

Bike overnights are usually a way to escape the routine of home and work for a couple of days, squeezing a fun mini-vacation into an otherwise normal week. While my family has taken many such mini-vacations, we’ve found yet another good time for bike overnights -- when we’re already on vacation. You, too, can make that weeklong vacation more interesting, by throwing in a bike overnight.

First Bikepacking Overnight: San Bernardino National Forest

Awhile back I started researching different types of riding, and soon discovered bikepacking when I ran into a guy at an event who sells gear for that activity. He and his wife actually rode the Continental Divide on mountain bikes. This, of course, led me to the Internet to find out all I could about bikepacking, which wasn’t too much. But I found it so interesting; it made me think back to my days in the Marine Corps with all the adventure and camaraderie. I started talking to my buddies about bikepacking and they expressed a general interest in it.